ExcelGrains Canada

ExcelGrains Canada is a national, not-for-profit, voluntary, market-driven food safety initiative for Canadian grain farmers. ExcelGrains is not a marketer but supports Canadian farmers and industry who are interested in pursuing market-driven initiatives for on-farm food safety.

The ExcelGrains Canada program outlines the safest possible production practices for farmers producing cereals, oilseeds, pulse and special crops. Producing safe food and feed and protecting it from hazards is the primary focus.

This grains initiative has been built by farmers from all parts of Canada in cooperation with scientists, agronomists, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, farmer and industry associations, Canadian Grain Commission, Canadian Food Inspection Agency and provincial and territorial governments.

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The Program

The program has two key components.

  • The safe grain production practices recommended in the Producer Manual and the process of keeping records to demonstrate appropriate steps at the right time were put in place by the farmer. The Producer Manual sets out the requirements and procedures to implement the program on the farm.
  • The program is a process to certify that the farmer adhered to the practices and his/her actions are audited or reviewed to ensure compliance. An audited farm, if passed, can be declared "certified".


The ExcelGrains Canada program is a voluntary farmer program and available to any interested Canadian farmer. The program will not be utilized until the farmer determines market demand is genuine and they see an advantage to participate.

The program was built on scientific data to give farmers and their customers extra assurance that grains were produced, handled and stored in the interest of food safety.

In addition to giving customers a high level of assurance, the initiative is designed to create a marketing advantage and enhance Canada's reputation as a leader in food safety.

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Consumers want their food to be wholesome, nourishing and safe. Even though grains produced in Canada are safer than at anytime in history, consumers are adopting the "show me" attitude.

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ExcelGrains Canada is not a marketer of grain. For a list of Canadian licensed grain marketers check the Canadian Grain Commission web site under "List of Licensed Companies"


Funding for this program has been provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through the Canadian Integrated Food Safety Initiative under Growing Forward.